The balustrade is here. So is everything else.

Well, after waiting for more than 3 weeks the new balustrade to be brought in and Peter installed it. He always says” won’t take too long” but with one thing and another not going right it ends up being much longer….much longer than expected. It is done now and the painting is finished. Some more deck planks needed to be replaced as a result of the overall design. Peter has been actively pursuing the finishing touches.


BougainAn array of coloursvillieas in full bloom

We are having lunch on the new veranda almost everyday. It is just exquisite and so holiday like. We do say to ourselves: “Who needs to go anywhere and pay such an enormous amount of money to just enjoy the views of the few cows on the opposite property, or just watch the passing cars, the joggers up and down the country lane, the familiar site of a little red van, the tractor from next door marching slowly to the adjacent house and hearing the voice from John down the path bellowing at his cows or dog. The birds are also much closer and the fact that we are sitting enjoying our lunch or a cup of coffee seems that we are engulfed with a closeness to it all. Of course our little butcher birds which have multiplied to 5 by now are incessantly chirping to demand food. It is never enough.. But, they are always watching for the little cat which might be hidden under a chair or a towel. All these scenes take on a different atmosphere and a sort of closer to home feeling. Yes, the familiarity with it all. A sense of tranquility and security envelopes one. But I do have a slight objection to the word security. Why? because security is only fictitious at this point in time. And above a making of the self.

It is amazing how we do want to possess all of it. The mind goes on incessantly wanting to bring back everything to a narrow frame. A frame that is old, obsolete, of no consequence to the NOW. As we catch ourselves doing just that, there is at the same time a feeling of wanting to possess the moment. In fact not accepting the vastness of what is beyond description. Just because it is beyond it all. How can we just describe this moment of “ISNESS”. No words can come close to it. And yet, that is exactly what the mind wants to do. Describing the impossible. How hard it is to accept just what is. When one is engulfed by this feeling there is no staying with it. Hard for the mind of course. We are so accustomed to wanting to do so, that is how restless it is.
Yet, this feeling of belonging to this totality is very real and present. The whole body-mind is witnessing a moment that is itself in the present and it is the present that the mind does not seem to accept. The reason is simple. Present is not part of it. It knows the future and the past and these are the only referential points that it has. Hence the need to bring it back within its confines. Description, reduction, limitation, appropriation of a sort.

The mind does not accept space or what is. The proof is the encounter with nature. Surrounded by its immensity it becomes speechless for a moment then very quickly tries to describe it. Sitting having lunch in this new setting accompanied by birds, trees, skies, clouds and all the wonders of nature, one is truly ONE with it all and for a brief instant a sort of bliss overwhelms one. Boy! what was that? What did I feel? What happened? Suddenly I had no ME. But instead of accepting it, we rush to the description and trying to rationalise it, to appropriate it. And here we descend into the narrow confines of the mind of reducing this bliss to words.

That in itself is not an issue at all. You might even say normal activity of the mind, it does that, just that. So where is the problem? Well, there is no problem as long as you are aware of that movement and don’t try to erase it or suppress it. The seeing of it is already a freedom and an understanding of how we function as humans.

But most people want to hang on to this moment. Wanting to re-create it, re-live it, possess it, to crystallise it, but it is gone and the next one is never going to be the same. How can we do that? A moment that is passed is passed. Oh yes, we must remember it for ever in our memory. OOPS! Memory, that means in the realm of what is gone. Why is it so hard to accept the present for what it is? We are scared of loosing our identity, our position and our raison d’ĂȘtre. An identity mind you, that is a total fabrication of what everybody has told us for decades, centuries and millennia of what we should be and we believed them so readily. We build a persona entirely on fictitious hearsay…. and we accept it no question asked. Well, we have no choice at the start. But as we mature….if we do, then we could start asking some real questions.

The existence of our life is precious and asking simple questions, observing, contemplating, investigating, pondering and finding out what and who we are is the very purpose of our humanity. So that we can “become” an enriched human being. That would be of benefit to the entire planet….but I am getting carried away.

Till next time.

Been away

Been away doing all sorts of thinking and things along the way.

I finished two pullovers and by the same token listen to quite a few audio books where I discovered a few Australian writers to my delight, So, while knitting sitting cuddled up in the angle of the sofa or doing voluntary work at Nimbin Artists Gallery, a whole new world of writers opened up. I will not make too much fuss about it, just entertaining good writing in the genre of political thrillers, adventure, fantaisies. Nothing to excite the mind too much. Well, at least I managed to combine a couple of activities and that was fun.

Went to a wedding in Melbourne. Peter’s nephew and Wendy got married. It was interesting to see what young people want today and that the good old traditions are still with us. Good, bad, will not judge. But I must say that these sorts of ritual, though elegant they are not the most important thing in my life.Marriage has no meaning whatsoever for me. A ritual to satisfy the needs of the church and society apart from that no real value. Of course nice families, nice children, nice lineage, nice ties…and so many skeletons in the cupboards…the hidden horrors, the things that we don’t want to mention or talk about. Each family that I am aware of, from close friends to close families own their share of obstacles, hurdles and setback. But we soldier on, learning some sort of lesson. OR do we? Because it does not seem that we are learning anything. We repeat the same issues throughout the generations, the decades, the centuries and the millennia. If we open an history book, we can see the similarities with today’s world.

The other thing that was quite a discovery was the site Global Research with an array of well read academic writers. How did I come to this sight I do not have the slightest recollection or was it someone that pointed it to me? OK, I do remember, a very old school friend of mine in France sent an article in French about some banking system and I followed a few links and found out that it came from Global Research. I spent quite a few days reading many articles and even bought a book from them, but in the end, I found it very depressing and did not want to know about it..

But for some reasons, I signed up to their newsletters and kept on receiving them. I also admit that I have not read many of them. Very repetitive, gloomy, sad, well informed but again desolate and mournful. I could not go on reading the same miserable piece of prose everyday. Is that the world we live in? IS it that macabre, insane, terrible? Is this what governments are up to? What is it what we are meant to believe? How naive is the world to embark on such destructive course? IS this really happening? Such a labyrinth of distress, ravages, cruelty and savagery. Sometimes I think that I am dreaming, may I really am.

But by seeing the world around me, the carnage, the torture, the lies, the deceits, the corruption of how how the law forbids certain acts, but when it comes to the big fish it does not apply.Such hypocrisy baffles me. Does it really? Why am I surprised? Has it not been the same for eons? What has fundamentally changed in the human race since the Romans for instance? Have humans been bettering themselves? Have we stopped wars? Have we stopped plundering, massacres, torture, rapping, greed, expansion? no. That is not happening. In spite of millions of wars and horrors, nothing has changed.

Yes, we have made it easy for us to live more comfortably, But what have we lost in the process? We have gained time in doing chores but we have lost our ability to use that time.

Oh, I am getting away into all sorts of explorations there. After this interlude, or rave, yes, I am back into reading Global Research but with a grain of salt. I wish, we had some good news, some people writing about the great things that happening in the world. But I wonder if they exist.

Anyway I am back for a little while ranting about the world and what I do in it. Just let’s be very down to earth and say that I have made a great banana cake. Here is the recipe .

My Favourite recipes


Finished Cake
Finished Cake.



try it and let me know how it goes

This banana cake was explored in January 11th 2013. It started with a a big bunch of banana from the garden. We ate quite a few of them then, we could not do it any more. We gave some away also but we still had heaps left.

Do you know how to make banana cake Sulma asked? I made some years ago, 20 years ago, but they always turned out to be lumpy and heavy. But, I decided to give another try after so many years. That is what I used and did.


  1. 8 smallish bananas from our garden
  2. 100g of dark brown sugar
  3. 2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon( or more if you like)
  4. 3 eggs
  5. 100g of butter slightly soft
  6. 300g of self raising unbleached flour
  7. 3 table spoons of rum
  8. 100g of pecan nuts or walnuts (make sure the nuts are not rancid.) I used pecans.


Soak bananas in rum with a sprinkle one teaspoon of cinnamon on top, early in the morning after cutting them in slices.

A few hours later:

In a Magie Mix or whatever appliance you use, put the butter, and sugar and give them a slight whisk. add the other spoon cinnamon, the eggs and blend for 30 sec. Then, add the bananas with the rum in whisk till well blended and add the flour and again whisk. Add the pecans and give the whole mix another whisk till the pecans are just cut but do not reduce them to powder.

Oil a cake tin with oil and pour the mixture. Or just put a little baking paper in the tin to make sure that nothing sticks.

Your oven should have been running 15 mn at degrees 150. Slide it in the oven and cook till golden brown and the blade of the knife comes out clean. A total you will find of around good 45 mns.

It is the very moist and absolutely delightful. My best ever!