Busy at home

Just a few photos of what I have been busy doing over the last few weeks. This old traditional family recipe has been around for more than 150 years and it is a pleasure to do it. Labour intensive it is. Dates and nuts come into the realisation of it and NO SUGAR. Who needs it with the dates? A real treat with coffee.This is what we called: DESERT NOUGAT. No spelling mistake. It is DESERT.

Old family recipe.
Old family recipe.

Cheese making a real fun project  that I enjoyed tremendously putting together and the taste was just superb.

Blue Vein, Camembert and Feta.

Blue Vein and Camembert
Blue Vein and Camembert


In the making
This one is Feta




The process.
The process.

It took some time to realise this jumper. I was craving for a nice green one and here it is.

My green jumper
My green jumper

Peter went out after the rain and collected dozens of mushrooms. We had omelettes and I have incorporated them in a chicken ragout. When our son came to join us last week they collected plenty more. By that stage I did not want to see another one…I became almost allergic to them. Just joking!  All super delicious. We even dried some.


Mushrooms collected by Peter.
Mushrooms collected by Peter.


Ipad sleeve

Here I am not a big  fan of crochet clothing ( sorry Carol) but I made a Ipad sleeve during my drive to Melbourne. As the men were driving along, I crochet along. I had to start so many times….Lucky it was 2000 km. I bought some bamboo and cotton yarn at the start. But in retrospect I found this yarn extremely stretchy. I did not follow any patterns. Can’t read them in crochet.

Don’t ask how I did it, but here it is.






Now here is one of the pull over

I did say in my last blog that I was making a couple of jumpers. Here is the proof of my labour.

Now this jumper was meant for me but my partner loved it so much…he tried it on and said, it’s beautiful. Then he looked at me with those supplicating eyes (well, almost) I replied do you want it? yes says he…it’s yours then said I….Well, here goes my jumper. I must say that it fits him beautifully and he looks just divine in it. Pity the pens are protruding from his shirt pocket…you’d think he was was teaching…. and the students are lurking in the background.


The other one is almost similar but made of wool and hemp. Looks much rougher. Will grab a photo soon.

Then there was a hat for his sister. I clothed the whole family …Yes, I did.here it is. Small pic I know.

Louise's hat

I also made a few samples for mittens But I am not quite there yet. Still learning




Here it is…The red jumper that is

After having made a couple of mistakes( not really) I finished the beast.

I just realised that after undoing a segment of the sleeves(which were a tad too long) I did not get the same pattern. Because I used the same wool that I unfolded. So I had to start t a new ball of wool. There was a distinct mark. So, if you undo a segment of your garment, do not use the same wool again. I guess you already knew that hey!

The rain during all these weeks helped me a lot. In fromt of the fire, nice and warm. My fingers hurried along. All the while I listened to some audio books. Had a great time doing it.

Red Jumper

It has been a very rainy day again in Nimbin. Many more to come during the week.  The sort of rain that does not make you feel to want to be out and about in the garden or in the fields. Even the chickens did not go out that much, and the cows bellowed very little. Mind you I did give them a few extra biscuits of hay.

So, sitting in front of the fire I went on to knit my next project. I always wanted a red jumper/pullover. I ordered some wool on line from a company in Melbourne where I used to go to when I was living there. Great family business. I took the plunge and decided on that lovely red that I was eying for sometime.

I wanted it in 2 colours but not too strong or overwhelming. Not a navy blue contrast or white. I had some greenish alpaca from a previous project and decided to incorporate it. So here we are for the back panel which I have finished listening to my audio book at the same time. A simple stitch was in order and I did not want it too bulky. I can’t afford that with my figure. What a lovely way to spend an agreeable rainy winter’s day near the fireplace.

Also talking about the wood fire.  the last few weeks, in spite of the cold, we did not lit it. We switched on the reverse cycle air cond. We froze all these weeks. The air con. does not distribute the warmth in the same way. We were never warm and my fingers were really cold. A couple of days ago, I said why don’t we try the wood fire again after having shun it for some years. We did, then we realised as stupid we were all that time for not doing so. It was so nice and cosy. Warm and dry, comfortable and relaxing. We did not move from the room the whole day… Almost….just enjoyed it so much and the nicest part about it was listening to the kettle gently whistling away calling us for cups of tea. Elsie, the black Labrador hardly move also. What a lazy day! and loving it.

From a fabulous pattern from Wolf Crochet

Easy to make and attracting lots of comments

Many thanks to Wolf Crochet for the lovely pattern that I have attempted to knit. Originally, it was done with a crochet and I have adapted it for needles following recommendations as I feel more confortable knitting. The easist I have done done for years. You should have seen the knitters at the Gallery where I volunteer, they all wanted to do the same one. I think we have started something there.

Thanks again.


The Stiches are as follow for a 14 size

50 stiches on number 5.5mm needles

Then reduced 1 stich to 49 as you need multiple of 8+1

8 ply Merino wool

12cm hem and any rib patterns you like. Mine was easy,

First row: right side K1 P1

Second row: Knit

Repeat these 2 rows

Length including hem: as you wish but made mine 1.40m long

Pattern is as follow:

First row right side: knit

Second row: K1,*P7,K1 repeat *to end

Third row: K4,*P1,K7 repeat*to last 5 stitches, P1 ,K4

Fourth row: K1*P2,K1,P1,K1,P2 repeat * till end

Fifth Row: K2* (P1,K1) twice,P1,K3 repeat from* till last 7 sts((P1,K1) twice, P1, K2

Sixth Row: as 4th row

Seventh Row: as 3rd row

Eight Row:  as 2nd Row

Repeat these rows