Don’t know!

The world is in turmoil at the moment. Pessimism, optimism..who knows?

Different voices, different view points, lies, truths, Who knows?

Black is white, white is black , who knows?

When do I know if it is right? When do I know if it is wrong? Who knows?

Is the world going to change? Who knows?

Are we at a turning point in our history? Who knows?

So many questions. Will we have an answer? Who knows?

How will I know? who is going to tell me? Who am I going to rely upon?

The internet is full of rubbish. But the internet is also full of interesting things. How do I discern in this cacophony of information?

What a quagmire!  The human being has never been so lost. Where are going? Who knows?

Exciting times or doomsday time? Who knows?

One thing I know is that I am well and feel good in my being. I enjoy the fresh air, the birds, the early morning sun on my face, the magpies wobble on the trees next to me, the fish in the pond waiting for their feed, the cats with their fat bellies sprawling next to me… and you know what? they are waiting for me to stand up so they can follow me in the kitchen to get fed, the dogs looking at me from their kennels with mournful eyes, and finally the steps of P. coming down and peeping through the window.

The air is crisp, the sun warm, the slight chilled wind brushes against my face and arms and it is 6AM.

Early chores will start soon. Cleaning, cooking, gardening, weeding, sweeping the floors. All very Zen. Life on the farm away from the hustle and bustle and the frenzy of cities. Where simple chores and routine take on a different dimension and meaning.

I am happy to be alive and I am happy to be doing what I am doing in this beautiful setting .

Till next time




4 thoughts on “Don’t know!

  1. Yes it’s a crazy world with few answers. Time for more inner reflection for sure. I don’t think much will change once this pandemic is over, and I doubt many lessons will be learned. We are a greedy bunch. You are definitely in a nice place to ride out the storm! BisesS


    1. Talk soon and stay safe. Nice to see you take the time to put in a few words. Ask Tum to read it. If she wants of course. Bisous


  2. Hi Gigi, It’s good to see that you and Peter are doing well as you cocoon yourselves on the farm amidst the domestic and wild citizens of the yard. As you so correctly state, we don’t know anything. Governments and media have proven to be unreliable. But your inner voice is not unreliable. It will tell you the best way to proceed. At this moment I am actually feeling calm, relaxed, and grateful for the opportunity to appreciate nature as well as the satisfaction that lies in doing every-day tasks. I sense that you are on the same wave-length. The best of luck to you both. Stay safe!


    1. Hey Carol, so nice to hear from you. Do hope that all is good and that your are safe. I have not done anything in writing for ages and suddenly i felt like doing it. Many thanks for taking the time to send me a note it is truly appreciated. Life has its ups and downs and we have to deal with that as humans. Hoping for the beast. My most warmest regards.


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