Parched Earth

We are at the start of spring. New leaves are appearing on the Chinese Elm, the Silky Oaks are in bloom in their deep orange flowers. Some of the azaleas are struggling to open up, but others are already showing their marvellous flowers. The epiphites or stag horns are drying up. The grass is browning everywhere. The earth is crackling with deep slits showing signs of distress. Somehow the bougainvilleas do not seem to be that disturbed by a lack of rain.

Parched Earth
Flowering Bougainvilleas










All water is being recycled to prop some of the most vulnerable plants. So, we recuperate all spent water in buckets to provide some sort of relief to them.  We put buckets under the  washing machine hose when it disgorges its water from the wash and rinse cycles. We use Eco- friendly detergent, so hopefully it should be fine.

The washing up water is also emptied in ugly and old buckets as well as the showers that we have,  all in big containers and we carry carefully our precious drop to the plants around the garden. Good exercises!

Ugly old buckets

When we water the poor thirsty plants, we can observe that the earth at this time is so parched that the water runs straight off. So, little by little we empty the bucket and give it time to penetrate inside the ground. We have been doing it for the last 15 days.

It is lucky that we have 2 huge tanks and this allows us to irrigate our vegetable garden. The dam further down is also a God sent as it permits us to pump water if need be.

Not a drop of rain on the horizon at this stage. We should have a dance for rain in the garden.

On a different note, I remember scattering red hot chillis  around the compound in Malaysia to actually stop the rain. A folk tale imparted to me by the  then French Honorary Consul in Penang. It worked! Especially when the 14th July was celebrated at the Alliance Française.

Till next time!

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