Busy at home

Just a few photos of what I have been busy doing over the last few weeks. This old traditional family recipe has been around for more than 150 years and it is a pleasure to do it. Labour intensive it is. Dates and nuts come into the realisation of it and NO SUGAR. Who needs it with the dates? A real treat with coffee.This is what we called: DESERT NOUGAT. No spelling mistake. It is DESERT.

Old family recipe.
Old family recipe.

Cheese making a real fun project  that I enjoyed tremendously putting together and the taste was just superb.

Blue Vein, Camembert and Feta.

Blue Vein and Camembert
Blue Vein and Camembert


In the making
This one is Feta




The process.
The process.

It took some time to realise this jumper. I was craving for a nice green one and here it is.

My green jumper
My green jumper

Peter went out after the rain and collected dozens of mushrooms. We had omelettes and I have incorporated them in a chicken ragout. When our son came to join us last week they collected plenty more. By that stage I did not want to see another one…I became almost allergic to them. Just joking!  All super delicious. We even dried some.


Mushrooms collected by Peter.
Mushrooms collected by Peter.


2 thoughts on “Busy at home

  1. My goodness you have been busy Gigi! Your desert nougat looks delicious but what, no recipe?! I would love to try this myself. And I had no idea that you made your own soft cheeses! What an accomplished lady you are! Now that summer has arrived you finished your sweater, but you must wait until winter to wear it. It is a beautiful color and looks quite warm. I wish that we could pick mushrooms in our area but most of the mushrooms here are poison and it is hard to tell the difference. We must go to the market for mushrooms but happily, many varieties are now available there.

    Life on the farm is always interesting and filled with activities that ordinary folks like me do not have a chance to experience. I think that I will be a farmer in my next life! By the way, the gallery has had some wonderful artworks on display recently. It’s a pleasure to see them on Facebook.


    1. Goodness me, you sincerely wants this recipe for the desert nougat??? It is a real ordeal and takes quite some time to do.

      The sweater was given to a friend of mine….when i tried it on, it really does not fit my heavy bust (LOL). And had some reservations about the colour and the stitch….So Magali, inherited and she was thrilled to have a hand knitted jumper. I did a scarf to go with it and that was given also. I know lots of work…but do not regret it. I will choose another colour and a different stitch next time around.

      Have not done much in the garden as it is too hot at the moment. So it is inside with my books, knitting, cooking and cleaning cupboards…ARRHGGG!

      Busy at the gallery also these last few weeks. Heaps to do as usual.

      Thanks again for your kind words.


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