Nimbin on fire!

These are a few pictures of the fire that occurred in Nimbin a few days ago. 4 shops in the main street were totally destroyed and some could be seen still smouldering.

Cullen st Nimbin
Cullen st Nimbin



3 thoughts on “Nimbin on fire!

  1. Oh my goodness Gigi! I hope that the gallery was not affected. What a loss for all the shop owners and the town!


    1. Hi Carol and thanks for your thoughts. No, the Gallery was not affected as the fire occured on the other side of the street. There will be many people out of work and for sure business will be affected. The little super market has already said so. This little village gets close to million tourists throughout the year and we are going to feel it. We don’t know yet what caused it and rumors are rife. We are all eager to know what actually took place.


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