Hot, Hot Hot

It hot,  excruciatingly hot. The aircon is blasting away at full strength.The hot wind feels as if you are in a fan forced oven,unfortunately not baking any cookies nor bread or any other goodies that could be slowly spreading their welcoming aromas throughout the house. Not worth venturing outside under any circumstances. The wind is swaying the bamboos ferociously almost touching the ground, not a breath of cool air could be felt under this torrid heat, with the thermometer reaching the 40 degrees the plants are suffering badly. Hot…Hot …Hot. Climate change? A passing phase? who knows? But one thing is certain, it has never been so torrid since we’ve been here.

This morning I woke up relatively early to give a good watering to the vegetable garden. All of them had a good soaking preparing for the blasting sun of the day. I recycle all laundry water to sprinkle the pots plants on the veranda and the shower water to flush the toilets. rationing water is of the utmost importance and the rain has not made any strong appearances for quite a few weeks now. After such heat one would expect some sort of mighty relief from mother nature with water bucketing down soon. But no, nothing on the horizon for sometime. The water are getting slowly depleted and the day might come where we might have to get some water from the  local contractor pumped into the tanks.

The tweeters of the birds can be heard in the distance…food, water, but everything is in short supply. I make sure that the bird baths are full and I can see the occasional one coming for a dip and a drink. Their wings are spread and not close to their chest so to let the breeze flow through. The chickens have adopted also the same little trick, well, it seems that all birds are doing it in that heat.

The cows across the paddock are resting in the shade of the big bamboos. Quite a few of them are expecting a calf shortly. Bluey, is the largest of them all and I am sure the little one will be there in the next few days. The others have still a couple of months to go. The grass is not growing that much in this weather and some supplementary feed does not go astray at all from time to time.

The dog Elsie, is just resting on the wooden floor spread eagle enjoying the coolness of the room under the air-conditioning. Lucky dog hey! She has managed to lose quite a fair bit a weight over the last few months and I can at least see her waist being defined quite nicely.

It has been a long time since I wrote a few lines. I am not sure what to make of it, but I guess my muse was not around. Alone, while Peter is volunteering at the Gallery this afternoon gave me the opportunity to put my fingers on the keyboard and type away.

Christmas came and went like every year. So did new year. Days like any other days. I am not a great follower of these follies of shopping till I drop in the big mall for some useless bit of pseudo presents. I’d rather give when I don’t have to do so. I do not like to give out of obligation.  Why wait for Christmas, birthdays, anniversary and so on?  In fact I do not even remember how long I have been married, who cares really? Everyday is a special day, every day brings about its joy and sorrow. Every day is a miracle and I give when I feel like it, not when I have too. Of course, family  reunions are a special treat along with having friends. That is always a special moment. A moment of joy that we have to cherish, exchanging ideas, what we have been up to, how we feel, heated debate with friends and family, good food, good wines and maybe lots of laughters and sometimes tears. These are the times that I love most.

The other day we had some friends that came for lunch and we had a great talk about a book that Peter and and I are reading at the moment. We share the book together. I read a loud and we comment on it. The book is called “Dying to be me” by Anita Moorjani. A fascinating account of her Near Death Experience and complete healing from her cancer. Not mind over matter at all, but an experience, her experience on how she touched on another dimension of our being. Though at times it could be repetitive in some parts, the intrinsic message is to discover our potentiality as human beings. To find out what we really are. A complete let go of our ego, to discover this “other” part of ourselves which is deeply buried in our conditioning, our make up, what we inherited from our upbringing, how we are moulded, our prejudices, our value judgements. All of these hinder us from our “true self”. We are so vaguely aware of that other dimension, that the ego does not comprehend it. Beyond words, beyond knowledge, beyond everything that we can ever imagine. Away from methods, gurus, organised religions, or any other forms that could pertain to understand “it”. It can’t be comprehended with thoughts, because thoughts or ideas are only a pointer not ‘IT”. If I gave a menu you would have only a description of the food. You would not eat the menu to find out. You would imagine what it could be like, you could be tempted, but you will never know until you actually tasted what was brought in front of you. Hence the thought process is only a description of what might come and you will wait in excitement at the food put in front of you. Disaster! Surprise! Delight! All of these are a reflection of what you might have imagined.

For Anita Moorjani, her touching this ‘other” was very real. The only reality. The other that we live everyday routinely are only a description of what we want our lives to be like. Full of judgments, values, ups and downs, good, bad, right, wrong. And  of course, most of the time it does not work.  We are in a perpetual dilemma. For her the present is what matters. But I am not going to spoil it for you, go on read the book and discover by yourself this other side of human potential.

Of course you might think it is a lot of rubbish, that’s ok too. But something in you will stir and the inevitable question will come up to the surface: what is this? Is this real? Is this true? Can this really happen? It might provide you with questions that you might want answered about our existence and we way we live. Of course, only if you are interested in finding out. We are so caught up with our survival nowadays that we have very little time left to stop and reflect. Work, work, work. Gee! I am glad I was given this immense opportunity to have left work early and enjoy the space, the serenity, the beauty and above all time for exploring who and what we are. Whoever, whatever is there, I thank profusely for that.

It is really funny, in spite of all the material wealth that we have, we can’t find the time to reflect, we can’t find the time to stop. We are perpetually searching for the next thing that will finally maybe make us ‘Happy”. But it never comes. Because soon after we acquire it we’ll want the next thing. We have in the West a very easy existence, we need very little and yet our home is full of stuff, clutter, knick knacks, objects, comfort. Sometimes I look at all these things in my house and ponder as to their necessity. The drawers, the cupboards, the shelves, the space in between objects are full of “THINGS”. What for? One thing is sure I will not need any of it when my body decides to give up its earthly existence. Yet, we cling to them, the attachments to all this is alarming at times.

Would I have the the “courage”  to get rid of it all? Would I happily give it all away? They are all so part of my comfort zone. Would I do away with my mother’s bracelet? Would I get rid of my mother in law”s little hippos or her rings and necklaces?  Would I do away with any of it? AT this stage I can’t answer these questions as I am not sure at all. Obviously to be pondered upon.

Time is marching on and dinner has to be prepared. Go and pick up Peter at the gallery and finish up bits and pieces.

As I finished writing this Bluey has just given birth to her calf

Till next time.

6 thoughts on “Hot, Hot Hot

  1. Salut Gigi et Peter
    Ta muse est revenue et du coup c’est avec plaisir que je te lis . Je prends connaissance de votre vie comme si nous étions au tél et que nous bavardions.
    Bon courage pour cet été très chaud ! dérèglement climatique ou pas, la saisonnalité a cette particularité d’être irrégulière . chaque année, les saisons sont différentes . Madame nature fait ce qu’elle désire .; Nous sommes en attente du froid et qd le froid sera là, des gens se plainteront. Le temps reste et devient, je trouve, le sujet de conversation le plus utilisé, un refuge pour excuser douleurs, mal-être ect !!
    Le livre que tu mentionnes m’intéresse, je vais le commander. Le sujet est vaste sur la quête de soi et je pense souvent à Jacques Brel et l’homme de la Macha : rêver un impossible rêve …celui de la quête intérieure .
    C’est un équilibre précaire d’être dans la vie sociale tout en cherchant le qui nous sommes loin des codes, des influences et garder son ancrage, sa force intérieure. Trouver cette paix intérieure associée à la confiance de vivre pleinement notre vie . Un jour sans accident ni traumatisme, elle sera là . quel bonheur .
    Je vous embrasse tous les deux et au plaisir de te lire .


    1. Marie do, quel plaisir ces qq lignes avec lesquelles tu decris si bien toi aussi ta muse. Ecrire est toujours un passe temps que j’aime si seulement j’en avais un peu plus. Les jours passent et je ne me rends meme pas compte du temps qui file. C’est marant de dire ca car en fait on ne bouge pas d’un cm en realite. Quelle idee folle que de le dire.

      En effet ce bouquin de Moorjani est vraiment unique et il en vaut la peine car Peter et moi avons apprecie du debut jusqu’a la fin. Je ne te conseille pas de voir des videos sur internet, car elle est vraiment monotone. je me rends aussi compte d’une chose apres en avoir discute avec Peter et Sulma a Bangok (je lui ai recommande le livre aussi) il s’avere que Melle Moorjani en fait se repete un peu trop. Je t’expliquerai pourquoi une prochaine fois. Mais elle en vaut vraiment la peine et je suis sure que ca va resonner avec toi dans beaucoup de domaines.

      Certes, des bouquins sur la connaissance de soi existent par centaines et milliers, mais pas tous resonnent de la meme maniere. Celui- ci ouvre des portes vachement interessantes et je te laisse le soin de decouvrir ce qu’elle a a offrir.

      Ns pensons faire un saut sur Paris au mois de juillet et si tu es dans les parages ce sera toujours avec plaisir que de casser la croute ensemble. On pourra peut etre bavarder sur Moorjani de vive voix.

      Entre temps qq gouttes de pluie sont tombees sans trop vraiment avoir eu un impact sur la vegetation. Rien de special toujours aussi sec. En attendant les grosses pluies je vous fait un gros bisous a toi et Marc et a bientot.


  2. Hi Carol, thanks for your reply. As usual, I really appreciate your comments and insights.
    Yes, Anita is really something to be re-read for me and Peter. We have reached the end of the book but we made the resolution to try it again…Tho, mind you I really do not like resolutions at all. But we shall see.
    You must have also a very cold winter from what I can read on the news. It has been pretty nippy in the US. I have few friends there and they were quite freezing in some parts. I guess on the other side of the world we are feeling the other extreme.

    I also truly appreciate your support for the Gallery. That is very kind of you. Peter has decided to join the team recently and take a break from the work at the farm. There is always so many things to do and as he never stops having ideas, I thought a break from thinking might…just might take his mind off new projects.
    Yes, it is a lovely place to be and you meet so many different people from all around the world. I truly enjoy it and it gives me time to write and take care of the Gallery business during those days.


  3. Happy New Year to you and Peter Gigi and congratulations on Bluey’s offspring! I’m sorry to hear that the heat is bearing down on you so fiercely. Here in Pennsylvania we are coping with ice storms and snowfalls almost every day. How I long for the winters that we used to spend in Florida!

    I too have read the book by Anita Moorjani. Her cultural conditioning had finally exacted such a toll on her that she could no longer survive. I found it interesting to read about someone who boxed themselves in so terribly that they became ill. And yet, there are many people with similar situations who accept their lot in life and manage to be happy despite their limitations.

    I believe that we choose our circumsyances before birth and then must rise to the challenge of either accepting them or changing them. Anita finally changed hers and her account of her NDE (Near Death Experience) is fascinating and truly encouraging. It was a wonderful book and I would recommend it to anyone.

    I love your analogy of the menu. It is so appropriate for the circumstances in which we find ourselves. If we remember that the menu is only a description then we should be fine. 🙂

    I noticed that you and Peter have donated quite a few hours to the art gallery during the holidays. It seems like a wonderful place to work!


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