On the plane to London

Reflections On the plane to London

Half way across the world…on a huge half empty Boing 747…Bangkok is far behind. The Emporium just a dream as well as Robinson’s and Paragon. These huge shopping complexes are very attractive, but are totally devoid of charm and character or warmth. Consuming is the only motto among “nice things” to look at, all pointing to elegance, money, class, envy, a bargain, an attraction that is irresistible. We are drawn to it like bees to flowers. Something is calling us to be there, to get there, to meander from shop to shop aimlessly in search of ? That is the question? What is it that we are looking for?

A state of mind drawn to desire and satisfaction in order to avoid maybe that void inside us, that emptiness that make us look for the elusive dream of belonging to that category of people that is privileged enough to spend as they please. To emulate this can be a trap of course. But before we go into that, the question we need to ask is why this emptiness exist and why are we running away from it?

What we call emptiness can be the gap that exists, happens, or manifest itself when the mind is in a state of complete rest. But there is one problem with this, the mind does not know emptiness, the mind does not know that void, hence the search to fill this gap that it haunts its thoughts. It fears it for its existence depends not on the emptiness but on being distracted from it. Having emptiness equates not being. Should it be the other way around? We fear being…not nice. Of course, i will not say that we have to be alone. We are social creatures and it is normal to be with people. That is not the aim of what I am saying at all. It is important to just see for the sake of seeing how we search for comfort externally instead of inwardly.

We are running away from this for one reason or may be many reasons. First, there is the fear of being nothing. That void is not comforting at all, we need to fill it with millions of distractions….shopping malls do the trick…for the sake of what I am talking about now, our eyes are for ever inundated with images of consumption for a perfect world. Hence like zombies we frequent them attracted to an elusive dream. Anything wrong you may ask? No, nothing. Just keep shopping if that’s what you like.

After coffees, cakes, cinema, shopping for bread and milk and lunch all under one roof, the perfect consumer, we gasp at the hot and humid air of the streets of Bangkok. Assailed by the smell of cooking oil, sautéed noodles, mangoes, fish on flames getting crisp, little tables along the pavement where men and women sit on these plastic chair enjoying their favourite food. But what is amazing is the constant flow of old decrepit buses, bikes, coloured taxis, luxurious cars and not so luxurious beeping their horns, belching smokes at times and roaring as they eat. I guess, fumes and food can be a great combinations. Normal way of life up here .

2 thoughts on “On the plane to London

    1. Thanks Jan.
      That is the function of thought….never stopping to do so. The eternal conversation till one day….it really stops.


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