Now here is one of the pull over

I did say in my last blog that I was making a couple of jumpers. Here is the proof of my labour.

Now this jumper was meant for me but my partner loved it so much…he tried it on and said, it’s beautiful. Then he looked at me with those supplicating eyes (well, almost) I replied do you want it? yes says he…it’s yours then said I….Well, here goes my jumper. I must say that it fits him beautifully and he looks just divine in it. Pity the pens are protruding from his shirt pocket…you’d think he was was teaching…. and the students are lurking in the background.


The other one is almost similar but made of wool and hemp. Looks much rougher. Will grab a photo soon.

Then there was a hat for his sister. I clothed the whole family …Yes, I it is. Small pic I know.

Louise's hat

I also made a few samples for mittens But I am not quite there yet. Still learning




2 thoughts on “Now here is one of the pull over

  1. That’s some great knitting GiGi! I am still in the learning stages and will probably never make a whole jumper!


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