Coq au vin…Just delicious and simple

Well, as you may know by now, it is pouring in Nimbin, Australia. It has been for days and not only am I knitting my red jumper and listening to some audio books at the same time. I enjoy cooking.

So, I decided this morning to make a coq au vin or as they would say around here, Chicken in red wine.  I just bought another slow cooker, a little large maybe, but I thought why not cook in it a whole chicken or for that matter a whole roast. So I did. But my problem is that I am not good at giving recipes at all. I always miss something. A very good old friend of mine Sue, says to me Gigi: “you must have forgotten something” . Inevitably I did and still do. Hence, if you do ask me for my recipe of the Coq au vin, I will have forgotten something that is a certainty. But I am sure there are hundreds of these on the net.

Mine is not from the net but from a very old book by Elizabeth David called French Provincial Cooking

Her recipes are just marvellous and I can tell you very very authentic indeed. I can surely attest to that.You should see first the state of my book and originating from France that surely adds to my certainty of her cooking.  So it will be miles better to buy her book. She has passed away a long time ago and was a real personality in England and France in the 50’s and 60’s.

While I am writing this, the sun is peeping through and it might stay for a while. Will jump out shortly and do a little gardening. Stoke the fire, switch the slow cooker down and breathe  a little fresh air.

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