Red Jumper

It has been a very rainy day again in Nimbin. Many more to come during the week.  The sort of rain that does not make you feel to want to be out and about in the garden or in the fields. Even the chickens did not go out that much, and the cows bellowed very little. Mind you I did give them a few extra biscuits of hay.

So, sitting in front of the fire I went on to knit my next project. I always wanted a red jumper/pullover. I ordered some wool on line from a company in Melbourne where I used to go to when I was living there. Great family business. I took the plunge and decided on that lovely red that I was eying for sometime.

I wanted it in 2 colours but not too strong or overwhelming. Not a navy blue contrast or white. I had some greenish alpaca from a previous project and decided to incorporate it. So here we are for the back panel which I have finished listening to my audio book at the same time. A simple stitch was in order and I did not want it too bulky. I can’t afford that with my figure. What a lovely way to spend an agreeable rainy winter’s day near the fireplace.

Also talking about the wood fire.  the last few weeks, in spite of the cold, we did not lit it. We switched on the reverse cycle air cond. We froze all these weeks. The air con. does not distribute the warmth in the same way. We were never warm and my fingers were really cold. A couple of days ago, I said why don’t we try the wood fire again after having shun it for some years. We did, then we realised as stupid we were all that time for not doing so. It was so nice and cosy. Warm and dry, comfortable and relaxing. We did not move from the room the whole day… Almost….just enjoyed it so much and the nicest part about it was listening to the kettle gently whistling away calling us for cups of tea. Elsie, the black Labrador hardly move also. What a lazy day! and loving it.

2 thoughts on “Red Jumper

  1. That’s a beautiful color combination Gigi. I’ll look forward to seeing the finished jumper. Sorry about your weather. We are enjoying summer here and have had a few very hot days. 🙂


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