From a fabulous pattern from Wolf Crochet

Easy to make and attracting lots of comments

Many thanks to Wolf Crochet for the lovely pattern that I have attempted to knit. Originally, it was done with a crochet and I have adapted it for needles following recommendations as I feel more confortable knitting. The easist I have done done for years. You should have seen the knitters at the Gallery where I volunteer, they all wanted to do the same one. I think we have started something there.

Thanks again.


The Stiches are as follow for a 14 size

50 stiches on number 5.5mm needles

Then reduced 1 stich to 49 as you need multiple of 8+1

8 ply Merino wool

12cm hem and any rib patterns you like. Mine was easy,

First row: right side K1 P1

Second row: Knit

Repeat these 2 rows

Length including hem: as you wish but made mine 1.40m long

Pattern is as follow:

First row right side: knit

Second row: K1,*P7,K1 repeat *to end

Third row: K4,*P1,K7 repeat*to last 5 stitches, P1 ,K4

Fourth row: K1*P2,K1,P1,K1,P2 repeat * till end

Fifth Row: K2* (P1,K1) twice,P1,K3 repeat from* till last 7 sts((P1,K1) twice, P1, K2

Sixth Row: as 4th row

Seventh Row: as 3rd row

Eight Row:  as 2nd Row

Repeat these rows



2 thoughts on “From a fabulous pattern from Wolf Crochet

  1. Reblogged this on Wolf Crochet and commented:
    Thanks for posting your version of the Up-Tempo Vest Gigi. This is such an easy pattern and can be worked in crochet or knit. Your knitted vest turned out beautiful! I may try a knitted vest myself!


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