A day in the Gallery seeing and looking.



Today was a beautiful day. Sunshine, crisp and real fresh and cool air. Many people dropped in and looked around. Nobody bought anything. Visitors from many continents. But mainly the Euro zone, and given the state of this currency comparing to the Aust.$ the mood is not for spending but for hanging on to your cts as long as possible. That was clearly the mood of the day. Lovely smiles, easy conversations.

I wonder what they saw. Seeing and looking are different state of mind. Seeing implies a deep (how deep I am not sure) of a world that is not necessarily according to you description of the world.
Looking is just glancing with no particular topic in mind. No effort or concentration. No reflection, or in depth of our immediate surrounding. One thing struck me… they all looked. Very few saw the meanings of these painting or collection that was on display. So hard as everyone looks for something that is going to appeal to them. No one person stayed in front of a painting and actually saw what it meant or said. They fleeted by nonchalantly, bored, blaze, aloof. In and out. Been there done that! Oh! yes I have been to Nimbin Artists Gallery, that glorious Sunday. Yes, beautiful. Yes, they had some nice stuff!  ANother Sunday spent in a little village in Northern New South Wales where the Hippies from the 70’s still hang around. looking haggard, eyes bleary and much much more.


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