Sam is gone.

Sam, dear Sam,

You have been such a pain to be with but such angel to share the few years we had together, a companion that read our minds, read our moods, followed us like a shadow. On our heels, never leaving us alone and not wanting to be alone. Wanting to jump in the car as soon as you heard the keys of the car, pulling lantana with all his might, waiting at the door like a “gentleman” not pushing to get past. PLaying with your toy and never wanting to let go of it, running away with it so that we can run after you to get it. Sneaky! Scratching at the door wanting to get in wanting to be inside.

Going upstairs to sleep at our feet if we had been away too long on a holiday. Wanting to be reassured that we won’t leave you again for a while. Being in our bedroom was a treat hey Sam!

Every morning I used to curse you for the pile of hair you left on the wooden floor. I would have filled a few cushions and mattresses with all the hair you shed over the years . As soon as I picked up the broom you went out making sure that your spot was clean and you got back to it. Every time I washed your bedding you used to love being on it but just before making sure that it was all ruffled on the floor, you just look at me as if to say thank you or why did you bother it is all in a mess again.

How you used to love your treats! After meals sometimes you showed me where thy were and made sure that I understood what you wanted. A game! Yes, I used to hide them all over the place and  asked you to find them. And find them you did in the most remote places in the house.Well, sometimes you used to cheat and see where I had hid them. Peter called you and he just gave the second I needed to hide them. But you knew that anyway and you played. Under the carpet, or the cushions, inside the cupboard or behind the sofa, in the end you knew all the possible places. I tricked you at times but you always made sure to find it. You went to the drawers where they were stored and pawed it and even managed to open the little handle to get them.  You also knew where the pigs ears were. You walked into the study and sniffed around : haha here they are. So you walked back into the living room to come and get me. You never barked but your dark brown eyes spoke a million barks.

You were so ever gentle. when the chickens roamed free in the afternoon and it was your diner time, one of the chooks came over to your bowl and tried to steal your food. You shared it with them for a brief moment, but when they pushed their luck a little too far you just barked ever so gently. The naughty chicken not really frightened flew up scared squawking.  You never hurt any of them. If they came back for more, you looked puzzled and looked at me to make them go away so that you could eat in peace…

After your dinner, you were happy to come in and lay by our feet and wait for the bits that might fell off the table. In the morning, with pleading eyes you waited to get onto the sofa, but you knew that your blanket had to be spread first.You waited patiently then climb onto the sofa and rested your head on my lap or just the other way. With one habit that you used to drive us nuts…. licking you and scratching you upper limb. Sam! stop that! You winged and reluctantly stopped. The same thing happened when you climbed in the back of the car, you whinged the whole way to wherever we went and there was no way you’d stopped. You used to drive us crazy in the end. Boisterous, lively, gentle and above just so part of our lives

Till the last moment your eyes told us a million things and your suffering was heroic. We are extremely sad to see you go. Such a great companion and a faithful one, an intelligent one, a gentle giant full of life and spirit as well as tenacity. Always by our sides.

I will never curse you in the morning. The wooden floor is clean and I don’t have to broom so often. You are leaving a big gap in our life and you will be  remembered  so very fondly with a big grin on our faces.

Oh ! one more thing Sam, even with your floppy ear you were still the admiration of the people around the neighbourhood.

Keen as always

4 thoughts on “Sam is gone.

  1. Beautiful tribute. They are our furry children who will forever remain in our heart. I look forward to seeing my babies again one day. Hugs.


  2. A beautiful eulogy, I saw Sam as I remember him while reading this. And a lovely photo from Sulma, showing Sam keen as always as you say, and bent of right ear as always. How can a dog be so handsome with a bent ear? Beats me, but Sam managed it.


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