Lovely Beaujolais type wines

After 10 days in the cold and crisp air of Tasmania, I found this island one of the most beautiful place. Lovely beaches, great fresh food and friendly people. Hobart is the nicest HUMAN scale city I have ever seen. Compact, low buildings, well designed. A gem to navigate and not getting lost, gorgeous seas,clear and clean. Tasmania is really a breath of fresh air.

The wines are just superb and it was a great change from hot climate to cold climate wineries. We discovered a lovely vineyard called Spring Vale. There we had a pinot type Beaujolais much better than the French ones. So much so that we ordered another case the other day. They are not cheap either, but a good bottle is a good bottle to be savoured.

The food in Hobart was really something. I had never expected Hobart to be such a gourmet little town. Delicately prepared and so much class. The humble bakery was making such lovely breakfast and lunches that we went there more than once to savour their fares. Bread that was just so nicely baked and wholesome.Real bread with real flavour.

The fish was so fresh and tasty it was just a delight to be able to taste such nice fish. They..Muir’s,  knew how to prepare it and serve it. The ordinary fish and chips took a different meaning after that.

And guess what we found in a little corner of Hobart tucked among old buildings? A distillery. Yes, a new venture a few years old that made such an extraordinary whisky to rival the ones in Scotland. The prices were also not bad. We definitely indulged in some good bottles to take back home. But, so far I have not had any. In fact since we came back, I have not had a drop of alcohol.

While flying to Tasmania, we decided to stop over in Melbourne to meet some old friends. We stayed a few days with Sue and Peter and a few days with Nathalie and Nicole. It was nice to catch up. But when we stayed with Sue, we met the whole family which was real nice. We went to the ballet with Pam and Catherine and Sue…girls only night at the Art Centre. We indulged in champagne during the interval. Well, before and after in fact. We also had a magnificent dinner at the Art Centre the whole lot of us. A night that was just unforgettable. Then a few days later everybody flew back home. Pam and Catherine went back to England followed by Sue’s uncle  and his wife and we went back to Nimbin. Back to the country, back to nature, backt to the mountains. While it is nice to fly and be in big cities it is always nicer to get back home among nature.

We love going away, but we adore coming back.

Muir’s enticing plate of common fare!
Launceston BnB reknown breakfast

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