It’s time to go and move onto new experiences.

Everything moves even the nicest flowers

He has come and will be going shortly. Fast did the time go. Fast did the experience will remain a memory in one’s life. The present time is just a flicker. But that is a cliche. Every body says that at some point. IS this because one is getting old? It is said tho that time goes fast the older one gets. I always wondered why?

Well, my feeling is that, there seems to be a long way behind us, forty to fifty years of memories accumulated over one’s life. So these memories form a long chain of events that at times it is hard to understand. It gives us the impression of a continuum but in fact it is not. Each experience is one and only. We seem to hang on to it as we are afraid of loosing it. Loosing the identity that we have moulded and cultivated, hence it looks like it will be hard to accumulate much more,  and we know that we are going. We don’t last forever, the memories that is. They go. Our life goes through an another transformation. What dies is me. ME-mories

Each moment is therefore a reality that we make up as we go on the continuum of one’s existence.

He will go to join his partner. New experiences and new memories. It’s time to move and find a friend, a compagnon, a lover, another human being that is your soul mate.

My heart is happy for the moment.

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