A day of rain. Un jour de pluie

It fell down after the rain

Locked inside the whole day. The rain pours abundantly. It does not stop. Showers upon showers with a total in the last 24 h of 95mm.

The cows are bellowing below. The crows crowing,  the frogs croaking, the water rushing and gushing along the creek bed.

All is wet and humid. A mist rises from the ground and envelops the mountain. The sky is heavy with white clouds. The sun  is forcing itself through the opaque intense grey voluptuous  blanket to no avail.

The butcher birds are hiding under the veranda, all wet. They clean and ruffle their feathers but stand immobile watching also the rain as it comes down with a vengeance. from time to time a little cry to ask me for food and here I jump to the fridge to satisfy their hunger with a little fresh red meat.

There will be no spectacular sunset tonight that is for sure and as I go lie down for the night’s sleep I will hear another deluge that will put slowly rock me to sleep to wake up the next day to more of the same. Poor cows and chickens!

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