Photo Mania

On top of the world
So many things to see!

Photo mania

Walking though the famous sites of Vienna in all the museums, churches or even concerts people are mad. They snapped and snapped. But one thing that they are not seeing is that they are not SEEING. They are mostly occupied to ensure that they can tell friends, family and facebook where they have been.

What are they really looking at? I am not sure, they are maybe not interested in looking at all but preoccupied. Preoccupied to make sure that they snapped to remember what they saw. But they have not seen anything…have they? They were not in the present moment, they were in the future. So, how can they be here and now? As thousands of people spend their time taking shots of everything, they must be zillions of photos of the same monuments. Zillions of people saying they had been to Milan, Vienna, Praha, Paris. Like me of course.

Yes, the plane took them there, but the main attraction is not where they are is their obsession with the camera, the computers, the social networks to show of. Their present experience is not. Going thousands of miles for just taking photos, manufacturer are making a fortune with the little white cameras just big enough than a matchbox. Brilliant inventions these digital little machines. Everyone has one and everyone shoots away zillions of photos that they sort them after going home. Spending hours doing so.

Before, our eyes remembered, our senses remembered, our touch remembered, our feel remembered. Now, we rely on the digital  camera to witness our life , to make sense of our life, to reinforce our identity and our existence. I wonder why? What have we lost? Just a sense of being In touch with oneself and of course with the world.  All gets blurred and we can say: “yes I have been there have a look” and we spend countless hours looking at the photos to remind us what good times we had…Those were the days! With regret we long to do it again. We had so much fun shooting these photos. Of course not if we are a professional photographer. The optic will be different.

Most of us are doing it for showing off, no? Am I mistaken? Well, perhaps,  so what? You can disagree if you like. Not a problem. I would love to hear a counter proposition, perhaps better formulated and explained.

Music in Vienne

We just arrived and already our ears were treated to wonderful sounds that conquer your heart and attract you irresistibly to them.

As we meander through the streets of V Vienna, we are really astonished to see the number of people taking photos for everything. A wonderful evening enjoying the pleasantness of the late warmth,among the lights of the illuminated buildings and churches that abound in town, a lovely music reaches our ears.

A young man from african origin with a deep voice  and with a background music on a ghetto blaster , sings the most beautiful and passionate voice. His songs are from the last decades but well known tunes that the crowd sings with him with equal warmth and passion. A wonderful concert, a wonderful feel of togetherness, and such rhythm. As he moved his body with the song, his voice carries without the need of any sort of amplification. A big smile   an obvious joy fills his face as he shares his passion with the public. I walk towards him at the end of his stint and tell him that his songs and voice are worth a dozen downloads from Itunes. He face lights up and a large smile fills his round face. A feeling of joy and lightness fills the air as he thanks me heartily.

Further down, sitting on a small stool and a violoncello in front of him, a young man plays some pieces of classical music. His face is contorted as he plays with a passion the Adagio from Abinoni. The music is rich, the feeling intense, the notes fly away like birds in the sky light and supple.
We are enthralled standing there hypnotised by the virtuosity of this young man. The grimaces of his face show us the intensity of his passion, the fury of the dexterity of hands and fingers moving along the instrument. Each note had the image of his love and the fluidity as if he was taken on a wing of a bird soaring into the air.

The churches in Vienna are not only  image so bygone repression and absolute believe in the authority of the all mighty, they are the center of magnificent music. Religious or other. Played in the fabulous acoustic of these places of worship, built with time, and  expert eye in their development. Years of work, years of meticulous craftmanship under the eyes of masters. Architects, men of knowledge, men of tremendous capacity to realise such severe and yet such work of art. Very impressive to all in order to establish the authority of the power of the church as the ultimate control, descendant for god who rules through them. To coerce people to live and to believe in a life beyond and above their own. I really wonder at times what is left of humankind to submit to such an extend. But it is also in our capacity to question our vulnerability and why we are on this earth for. Bowing to authority, I guess is putting the responsibility onto others claim that they’ve got it from some divine entity…which is another figment of one’s imagination no? on it goes.