More of July frenzy

What a lovely tarte with chestnuts we had today with fresh cream and a superb pastry. If I could say so myself.

This Saturday morning in NImbin is again filled with rain and cloudy skies. The atmosphere is damp is chilli.

I am obsessed with cows at the moment as we are leaving with a few problems on our hands. The big Murray Grey is having a hard time feeding 2 calves. She has lost condition and is looking quite gaunt. It is to despair for such a big cow.

We rang a few people around to ask for advice. Boy! who to believe  from one day to the next?  One tells you you should have eaten the litte calf ages ago and the other tells you that you should wait till it is at least 9 months old. So we wait and to be told that we should have done him quite a while ago. In the end we end up confused and lost and I am angry. I am angry because we are leaving in 2 days and no time to really sort the problem. We left it fester and now we are stuck.

Good old Ron Trute has offered to help and he is planning to come and give some ideas on how to proceed with the situation that we are facing at the moment. But no doubt things will work out one way or another. More on that later.