July frenzy 2011

Indeed, hello world and here I am writing a blog. I never thought this would happen. But don’t they say that there is a first time for everything.
I have tried many sites and many starts up, but this one looks the easiest to start with. Very easy and user friendly.
So what I am to blog about? for many years I wanted to write to to tell the world about the transformation of my inner world through the conversations with my parents. An Hommage I wanted to render them and to thank them.

But first things first.
We are in a frenzy to go to Europe and the preparations are endless. The cows need attending to, the chickens, the dogs. All is so precipitous. So much to arrange. But I know it will fall into place in due course.

3 days before we go, the neighbour, Jenny tells us that some of the cows are in desperate need of extra feed are they are going rapidly down in condition.So, Peter had to drive quickly to Lismore to get some extra food for the whole time we are away. I just hope that Judy is capable of handling the task.

In the meantime ANgus and Kylie came over to lunch and we enjoyed a super lunch or roast pork and lots of vegies. They walked out with loads of old films.

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